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Friday, December 10, 2010

Port Dickson Sunset

- Port Dickson Sunset -

A few picture just to share wif u guys and G'gurl...This picture i snap at Port Dickson when deliver "bantal busuk", a few hanger and a Bucket "Baldi Old Skol".

While waiting for that person to finish her job, went to Port Dickson Beach and snap a few picture to fill that free time.

This picture taken while sunset in Port Dickson around 6.45 pm. Just a coincidence and i think a bit of luck cause while snap some picture around this beach, i see this man gazing into the future all by himself.

This picture pulak snap around 5.30pm...First pit-stop when arrive at Port Dickson. Sambil-sambil makan jambu asam, i walk around the beach and just snap what i think best.

Ni pulak taken around 6.00pm. Time nie still makan jambu asam jugak. Sambil-sambil duk menunggu jambatan runtuh "London Bridge Is Falling Down" tu kosong, jalan-jalan tengok all this kids playing with beach sand.

This picture have nothing special i think, just upload to fill up my blog. Heheheh, sorry if anyone didn't like this picture. Selepas menghantar semua barang-barang Old Skol tu, kiteorang pun went to "fun-fair". Lama tak g "fun-fair" nie...So agak enjoy jugak la, sambil2 makan kacang kuda.

If anyone have a comment in their mind, please do comment cause your comment boleh meningkatkan lagi kemalasan saya untuk mengambil gambar. So selamat duit aku, tak perlu beli Lense yang maybe dibeli dalam masa terdekat nie. :)

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