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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Port Dickson View

Pada Suatu Hari, Seorang Lelaki ....blah...blah...blah...hahahah macam citer budak2 pulak....

Actually i've nothing to share wif you guyz because this is my family trip to Port Dickson. We stay at Ancasa Resort AllSuites which for me that is one good resort that suitable for one big family.

I just want to share wif you all picture that has been taken by me in Port Dickson.Picture??? Biasa-biasa jer...sebarang komen, jangan lupa tulis k....

Picture nie taken by my Blacky near our Resort time air tengah surut...nice view actually.

Nie gambar anak buahku..picture nie taken by me at the time when he requesting for 'Dukung'...Picture spontan jer...'Pak Teh Dukung'

This is my first picture before any picture yang dah upload kat atas tu....

Then, picture nie pulak taken by me..My Model of course Blacky. Gaya = Bolehlah, Perasan = Ada Sikit2, apa-apa pun Blacky senang nak diarah...hahahahah

If any of you have comment regarding this picture, pleaz do drop your komen... anyway, i'm totally this family trip to Port Dickson walaupun dah berapa kali pegi PD

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